Hunter Construction (Aberdeen) limited was established by Ken Hunter in 1972, making it one of the longest established Civil Engineering Contracting companies in the North East of Scotland.

During this time the North East of Scotland was expanding rapidly, and the company was able to grow with the region. The company became heavily involved in Public Works for the new Unitary Grampian Regional Council (established 1973), this together with a great demand for both public and private housing infrastructure and with the development of new Industrial Parks across the region offered many construction opportunities.

The crash in oil prices in the mid- 1980’s was a shock to the company (and indeed the region) and led to a re-evaluation of the mix of work tendered. While housing and industrial developments remained important elements in the company workload, the company began to pursue more vigorously contracts where it could be the Main Contractor, to engage more with Major Contractors as a specialist sub-contractor, to expand the range of services it offered and if possible, the geographic range of its operations.

At this time the company developed, constructed and managed the operation of Student Accommodation. Currently the company operates two accommodation blocks which are located on the Aberdeen University Campus.

In the mid-nineties, after operating as a sub-contractor on several projects, the company began to construct Sports Facilities as a Main Contractor. This continues to be one of the Company Divisions and now carries out work throughout the country.

In 2008 the Company purchased land and built new premises at Thainstone in Inverurie. Moving to the new office, workshop and yard in 2009.

This move coincided with the redevelopment and rebranding of our minor works department into Specialist Works and Trades, which services the growing needs of businesses for repairs and maintenance of existing facilities.

These three divisions, Civil Engineering Construction, Sport and Leisure and Specialist Works and Trades together form Hunter Construction (Aberdeen) limited.

Whilst the core of the company’s workload remains within the Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Moray and Angus areas the company will carry out works throughout Scotland, this is particularly true for the Sports and Leisure division.