Construction of Large (full size) Sports Pitches for Football, Hockey and Rugby.

Hunter Construction are expert in the construction of Sports Pitches. We can help you take your project forward from inception to completion.

We can offer advice on;

  • Artificial carpet options
  • Budgeting
  • Construction options for your site
  • Possible Technical solutions to specific problems. i.e. a high – water table or the need for retaining walls
  • Environmental impacts and regulations
  • On-going Maintenance

Hunter construct Artificial Surfaces to FIFA, FIH and World Rugby Standards.

We offer a range of carpets for a variety of sports. It is important to understand the range and standard of play for which a particular carpet is designed and is acceptable to the relevant Sport Governing bodies.

Our proven expertise in managing large scale Civil Engineering projects allows us to make innovative suggestions when confronted with construction difficulties, for example, high water table, tight site dimensions requiring retaining walls or reinforced earth embankments, poor or variable ground requiring geogrids or even piling.

During construction we make extensive use of technology, such as our use of laser technology during grading and surfacing operations which allows us to meet (or even beat) the standard construction tolerances.

Refurbishment and Surface or Carpet Replacement.

Generally, a carpet will require to be replaced every 8-12 years depending on the hours of use and the quality of its maintenance regime.

At some point all carpets need replacement, all shock-pads need cleaning, repair or replacement, dynamic base course need regrading, Macadam base courses require cleaning or repair and all drains need to be rodded or flushed. These works should be completed when the Carpet is being replaced.

Hunter Construction have replaced or refurbished many carpets allowing the facility to continue to give value 20 or even 30 years after the initial investment.

Routine Maintenance of the Facility.

Hunter Construction can help with the maintenance of your new or existing facility.