Bowling greens and other projects.

We can offer additional services associated with the construction and maintenance of artificial surfaces in Sports grounds, in Domestic situations, and in Commercial areas.

Bowling Greens

The use of artificial grass has now become more popular, there being a clear maintenance benefit.


Artificial grass is often incorporated into golf driving ranges. Recovered synthetic carpet has frequently been used to construct low maintenance access paths within Golf courses.

Domestic Grass

Artificial grass can be used in domestic gardens where low maintenance is required, a lack of light or frequent footfall make maintaining natural grass difficult.

Soft Play and Non-Slip surfaces

Soft Play surfaces are often required in play areas, or as a safety surface surrounding play equipment.

Non-slip surfaces are usually added to paths or steps as a friction coat in safety critical areas.


All synthetic surfaces benefit from regular maintenance. The sweeping and lifting of debris, grit or leaves will extend the life of synthetic grass, soft play or non-slip surfaces.

Hunter can offer this maintenance service.